Front And Center

‘This is what I know…I’m a work in progress,” writes veteran ballet and jazz dancer, Marjorie Goodson, in the foreword of MG, an ambitious collection of over 150 riveting photographic essays, beautifully formatted in a sleek, oversized hardcover art book.

Marjorie Goodson, This is my time

As a young girl, it was fun to be the daughter of a famous gameshow producer. “Goodson” was a household name back then when my father’s shows inundated daytime television. There was a familiarity people showed when they found out that I was his daughter


At 55 Marjorie Goodson says, “I’m in the best physical and mental shape of my life, and I get to help others on their journey”. So, what is the secret to being strong and sexy at the age of 55? How can we all be the very best version of our self at any time?