At 55 Marjorie Goodson says, “I’m in the best physical and mental shape of my life, and I get to help others on their journey”. So, what is the secret to being strong and sexy at the age of 55? How can we all be the very best version of our self at any time?

At the age of 6 years Marjorie Goodson started dancing and trained at the School of American Ballet at only age 8. As the daughter of Mark Goodson, the most popular game show creator and producer in the history of TV (Family Feud, The Price is Right, Match Game, To Tell The Truth, Beat the Clock), Marjorie Goodson grew up quite blessed meeting many influential people. Consequently, after college, she ended up filling in on one of the game shows, Classic Concentration and received amazing reviews. She set aside her dream of becoming a professional dancer and stayed with the show for several years. Even though she did not end up having a career in dance, she has always remained passionate and committed to the art form. Marjorie Goodson admits that through dancing she is able to recharge and it is her life force and power – movement is her fuel! So, eventually, after her own daughter Hannah left for college, Marjorie Goodson finally found the “courage to create” her art. With the release of her first book, MG, she pushed artistic boundaries by showing 153 empowering photographic dance images that were taken throughout three years. Now with her new book MG.2 that will be released in 2019 she catapults in a bold, new direction using paint, powder and other elements as her “dance partners”. Part of the proceeds from the book support non-profit organizations supporting dancers who are transitioning in and out of the dance world. With the release of her new book she hopes to inspire others to find their very own passion and confidence at any age – “It’s all in, not all over!”