MG The Book

Marjorie Goodson, a classically trained ballet dancer, and the daughter of the late Mark Goodson, brings us a collection of dramatic and dynamic dance images in her book titled MG.

Her use of gritty, raw, and often nude imagery reveals the dancer’s sensual, provocative nature and her love of the “contemporary” through the architectural shapes she creates and molds with her sculpted body.

With stunning textures, lighting, and composition (and a wild imagination), MG highlights the sheer physicality and drama of contemporary dance. Alternating between flamboyant and vulnerable, Goodson celebrates the body “physical” and the body “emotional”.

At 54, Goodson proves that you can be beautiful and passionate at any age. MG is a sensual, powerful and uplifting feast for the human spirit.

153 photographs by acclaimed photographer Andreea Radutoiu.

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