At 55 Marjorie Goodson says, “I’m in the best physical and mental shape of my life, and I get to help others on their journey”. So, what is the secret to being strong and sexy at the age of 55? How can we all be the very best version of our self at any time?

Book Visionary. Life Lover.

“Dance is my church. Dance is my oxygen…it's my air. I think it's so important to have something like that in your life. I feel very fortunate to be a dancer, and to have that passion,” said Marjorie Goodson in an interview with Lauren Richie, host of  the Dance Podcast.

Becoming the Best You at Over 50

Becoming the Best You at Over 50 | Marjorie Goodson with Barry Kibrick What if in your mid-fifties you can be your strongest, most creative and daring self? That's what Marjorie Goodson decided to prove

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